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Tasia Nikiforos



By Merridy Granger

Year 6

Ascot Park

R-7 Gymnastics Focus School





Researched by students of

Ascot Park School


Supervising teachers:

Jennifer Harris

Dimitri Katsambis


Tasia Nikiforos was born in 1944 in a village called Pantansa which  was very dry. She was one of eight kids living in a two storey house. She went to school when she was about six years old. She didnít have much variety of clothing to wear and worked to help out the family. She also grew her own vegetables.

 Young Tasia went to school when she was about six years old.  It would start at 8:00 every morning and she would come home each day at 12:00 to have  lunch.

Tasia moved to Australia in 1964 when she was eighteen years old.  Then after a year her brother came over by plane. Tasia settled in fine and she liked Australia a lot.

Then Tasia married Pandelis Nikiforos had two children of their own, Vikki and Alex. 

Nowadays Tassia and Pandeli go to a club with lots of their friends and the club is called the Laconia club.